The Singapore Heritage Festival (SHF) celebrates 200 years of medical history in conjunction with the anniversary of Singapore’s oldest hospital – the Singapore General Hospital – in 2021. We invite you to share your experiences of Singapore’s public healthcare and give a voice to the everyday stories of the social history of Singapore healthcare.

Share with us a memorable experience when you or a loved one received healthcare in Singapore: stories of your interaction with a fellow patient or specific healthcare professional (nurses, doctors, allied health workers, community workers etc). Whether they are stories set in acute hospitals such as Changi Hospital; Singapore General Hospital; Tan Tock Seng Hospital; the Institute of Mental Health; or community hospitals such as the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital; or private hospitals such as the Mount Alvernia Hospital, we welcome you to share the impact such healthcare services received has had on your or a loved one’s life.*

Tell your stories with various items such as photographs, illustrations, objects or documents and selected stories & images will be featured in the very first edition of The People’s Museum – a virtual museum presented as part of the SHF 2021, in collaboration with WY-TO.

*This is a non-exhaustive list of institutions, and submissions do not need to be limited to these mentioned.

You are also encouraged to share with us images of items such as photographs and illustrations, objects or documents that are related to your stories and memories. Relevant stories will be featured in the very first edition of The People’s Museum – a virtual museum presented as part of the SHF2021.

  • Photographs and Illustrations e.g. Illustrations/ drawings/ sketches, photographs of people, hospital grounds
  • Clothing & Furniture e.g. Clothes, ward wristbands, bandages, beds, chairs, utensils etc
  • Objects e.g. Medical equipment & Tools  
  • Documents e.g. Certificates, textbooks, notes to/ from doctors & nurses, prescriptions, brochures/ pamphlets etc
  • Any stories relating to care received from any Singapore health care institution
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Have a question? Read our FAQs here, or for further queries, please contact the Singapore Heritage Festival team at

Please note that unsolicited donations sent through the mail or otherwise without prior correspondence with NHB will not be accepted.

The Terms and Conditions for this initiative can be accessed here.

We look forward to hearing your stories!

About the Partner

WY-TO are Museum Specialists based in Singapore and Paris, focused on the curation and display of art in Southeast Asia. The practice was established in 2010 by founder, Yann Follain, to leverage cultural exchanges, new forms of curation and synthesising disciplines for an integrative curatorial approach. Our knowledge has been built over multiple experiences developing and executing projects in various scales for clients in the artistic exhibition, gallery and museum sectors.

At the core of WY-TO’s philosophy is our fundamental belief that Design Must Serve a Cause. Our disciplined approach is rooted in research and strategy, and aims to develop timeless, durable environments with a strong focus on context and content as our driving methodology, beyond pure aesthetics. As Sustainability advocates, we work to remain relevant in an age of economic, political and social uncertainties while improving social and environmental conditions, and preserving financial health.

We continuously refine our design ideology to push boundaries and address distinct constraints. Our multicultural identity provides a unique perspective to how we develop iconic, experiential exhibitions and memorable artistic and cultural journeys.

Ultimately, our mission is to develop inspired, thoughtful, long-lasting solutions that essentially respond to real, humanistic needs.