Selera Warisan: Chicken Curry with Marina Yusoff

Work up a selera (or appetite) for yummy Ramadan and Raya must-haves as local personalities share their recipes! Join our very first guest, Marina Yusoff, as she takes you through her recipe of chicken curry. This aromatic Ramadan favourite will feed the entire family for iftar (breaking of fast) and still have leftovers for sahur (pre-dawn meal)!

About Malay Heritage Centre's OnxOnRayaFest

This programme is part of Malay Heritage Centre’s OnxOnRayaFest to celebrate Hari Raya. The two-month-long OnxOnRayaFest features a diverse line-up of online programmes that will showcase the food, fashion, culture and performing arts of the Malay/Muslim community. For more information, visit

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