Have you ever dreamed of stepping into an ultra high-tech time machine and travelling to your favourite moment in the past? We don’t have a working time machine, but Singapore Heritage Festival 2020: Digital Edition will do the next best thing and transport you back into a different space and time to experience Singapore’s colourful history and heritage virtually! Transform your smart phones and computers into your own personal time travel devices and explore the terrific tales of Tanjong Pagar, Pasir Ris and Kallang!


Celebrate our heritage island-wide with food demonstrations and guided tours by our many community partners. Peel back the different layers of Tanjong Pagar’s history, go for an online tour of the former Marine Police Headquarters, enjoy a theatre tribute to Pasir Ris, and unravel hidden stories of these precincts as you Swipe and Discover on our website; all from the comfort of home.